Are Women Attorneys Being Stricken by a Pantsuit Pandemic?

The dress-code issue took front and center during a panel discussion of federal court judges from the Seventh Circuit. The judges raised the issue of what one jurist described as “the Ally McBeal look,” complaining that female attorneys dress inappropriately when appearing in court. The comment and ensuing discussion has sparked a debate across the blogosphere. Continue reading

What Happens When You Fail to Follow Workplace Dress Codes in BigLaw

shutterstock_23Men are going unshaven as a sign of rebellion against Corporate America, or The Man, or the employer that just laid them off.  Well, so we hear, anyway.  And fashion houses are designing women’s suits that include shorts so short that would make the women in the Nair* commercials blush.  Even I have contributed to the recent workplace dress code rebellion by suggesting that corporate-suit-types may prefer pink iPod cufflinks to the traditional mainstays. Continue reading

Facial Hair: Style Statement of the Unemployed

Man_ShortsMale workers who are laid off are letting their hair down–in a rhetorical sense, anyway. Christina Binkley of’s Life and Style  section, claims this to be true.  In her recent post, Growth Area: Beards on Laid-Off Executives, Binkley says that men are donning beards as a sort of act of rebellion, a way of breaking ties with their former corporate selves.

Sure, the fashion move may be liberating, I guess, but does it serve them well when trying to return to the workforce?  There’s a good bit of opinion on this.  John Phillips, at The Word on Employment Law is not a supporter of the facial-hair movement, it we want to call it that.  Neither is Kelly Lynn Anders, associate dean at the Washburn University School and author of The Organized Lawyer.  Anders, who is quoted in the WSJ post, advises students to present themselves in their best light, which, to her, means clean-shaven.   Continue reading

Worthy Reads about Work

clip_imageThe blogroll at the Delaware Employment Law Blog currently houses approximately 150 links to blogs in a variety of topic areas.  I started the links page, which you can find under the “Resources” tab at the top of the page, as a way to store the crazy number of feeds I had collected.  Well, in the roughly 9 months since then, I have managed to accumulate nearly ten times the original amount!  Yes, I’ve collected roughly 1,500 blog links.  I’ve been checking the validity of the links and categorizing them in a way that will can understood by “normal people.”  While that project is being finished, though, I thought it only due to recognize some of my favorites on the list.  So, with that being said, here are a few posts about work that I hereby deem worthy of a read. Continue reading

EEOC Sues over Dreadlocks, Claiming Religious Discrimination

image_458Work rules for dress code are not out of fashion just because the season has changed.  Instead, the topic of “What Not to Wear to Work” is as trendy as ever.  So, for those of you charged with the task of enforcing dress codes and monitoring hem lines, here’s a bit of reassurance that you are not alone.    Continue reading

Beijing Takes the Fashion-Police Concept to a Whole New Level

For all of the dress-code talk lately, I’d guess there’s no dress code quite like the one in Beijing.  In preparing for the Olympics, Beijingers have been instructed to put on their Sunday best.  And for those HR Specialists who thought that specificity in dress codes is just plain impossible, there are some Beijing government officials who would disagree. Continue reading