What Irks Your Employees? Do You Really Want to Know?

3d_devilWhen managers were asked about the strangest employee complaints they’d ever received, they had a lot to say.  Careerbuilder.com asked this question and got some very strange results. Some of the answers made me laugh outside.  And not just because the complaints were so weird, which they are, but also because some of the weirdest ones I’d actually encountered in my practice. Here are a few of employee complaints that I found the most entertaining with my commentary following: Continue reading

Objection! Opposing Counsel Has Violated the Basic Rules of Fashion!

A lawyer who cares a lot about shoes. That description applies to me, as I just love, love, love shoes of the high-heeled variety, in particular. There’s another lawyer who feels passionately about shoes, but in a very different way. The Palm Beach Post broke the story of a Florida lawyer who filed a motion to compel his opposing counsel to wear better-looking shoes.  Nope, I am not kidding.

In short, the lawyer felt that, by wearing old, ugly shoes to court, his opponent was unfairly garnering the sympathy of the jury.  It’s a high-drama story, far more so than even this description implies, if you’re interested.  But I just love the fact that the attorney actually noticed his opposing counsel’s shoes in the first place!  Nevertheless that the guy had the guts to file a motion about the darned things!   This story reaffirms my admiration of the justice system and sense of awe of lawyers who take the details very, very seriously.

TGIF: Mondays Are Easy, It’s Tuesdays that Should Worry You

Fridays are great. Who doesn’t love knowing that it’s the last day of the workweek?  It’s just that much easier making it through the workday knowing that there only 8 little hours stand between you and a weekend of freedom.  TGIF. beach_reading

Similarly, we can unanimously agree on our disdain for Mondays, right?  Maybe not, says a British researcher.  It’s not Mondays that make us cringe but, instead, Tuesday mornings when we’re at our worst.  Not just any time on Tuesday morning, either.  It’s 11:45 a.m. Tuesday morning, that has us wishing we’d never gotten out of bed. Just before noon on Tuesdays is when we hit the panic button and go into high-stress mode. Continue reading

Oh, Sh*#! The F-Word (and others) at Work

expletiveIs there a “no-cussing” policy in your workplace?  How many times a day can you expect to hear the F-bomb?  How about less extreme curse words?  Apparently, the frequency with which we toss around swear words is on the rise.  An article at MSNBC claims that the increase in swearing is tied to a tanking economy.  Please.  I don’t buy that for a minute. Continue reading

The World’s Greatest Lawyer Bio

Attorneys in private practice want to be rainmakers.  Well, we at least want to bring in our share of business.  And we know that, as lawyers, marketing ourselves and our firms is critical to continued vitality.  There is more advice on the top of best practices in law-firm marketing than I could consume in a lifetime.

There are some principles, though, that are so fundamentally true that you knew about them and believed in them long before any webinar or white paper addressed it.  One such principle could be stated as, “To thine own self be true.” Continue reading