Construction-Industry Employers Should Be Aware of Proposed Legislation

Union_PinEmployers should be aware of several employment and labor law initiatives in the state and federal legislatures.  Congress currently is considering the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), and the RESPECT Act, for starters. And the Construction Industry Independent Contractor Act, which was quietly passed by the Delaware and Pennsylvania Houses poses serious risks to employers in the construction trade. Continue reading

Pennsylvania House Passes Construction Industry Independent Contractor Act

Sheldon Sandler reported earlier this week about a law passed by the Delaware House that would criminalize employment laws.  Pennsylvania has passed a law nearly identical to the Delaware bill.  In case you missed Sheldon’s post, here’s a recap that includes the details of the laws of both states. Continue reading

Delaware Legislation Proposes to Criminalize Employment Law

construction-man-in-hard-hat-thumbDelaware employers who’ve not heard of “The Construction Industry Independent Contractor Act” should pay close attention to this post.  Every business with employees working in Delaware should be aware of this bill, HB 468, introduced yesterday in the Delaware General Assembly, and the many repercussions it could cause.  Continue reading