Survey Says: It’s Not Easy Being Green In This Economy

3d_man_goes_greenThe Society of Human Resources (“SHRM”), has released a new poll which surveyed 368 HR professionals about the green initiatives at their workplaces. The poll reveals that. by far, the cost is the greatest barrier to starting and maintaining a green program. Ninety percent of those polled said that cost was a barrier to establishing a program, while 84% said that cost was a barrier to keeping a program going.

The poll also found that the following elements were most likely to be included in a green initiative: Continue reading

Going Green at Work: New Year Resolution #4

recycle-going-greenWant to go green in the office for 2009?  Sure you do!  It’s one of our new year’s resolutions, remember?  Well, there’s no time like the present.  Going green at work doesn’t require a company-wide initiative–there’s plenty that can be done at the individual level that can have real impact.  Of course, the more, the merrier.  So get some friends to join you in your eco-friendly endeavors.  Here are just a few ways you can make the move towards a greener office today.  Continue reading

Going Green at Work: Baby Steps

What-About-Bob-PostersHow employers and employees can make their workplace more environment-friendly is one of my favorite employment topics.  One of my favorite movies is “What About Bob?” starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfus.  In the move, Murray is absolutely hilarious as Bob Wiley, a neurotic and manipulative patient of Doctor Leo Marvin, an egotistical psychiatrist played by Dreyfus.  The hilarity begins when Bob tracks down Dr. Marvin and his family on vacation using “baby steps,” the buzz phrase from Marvin’s new book of techniques for treating mental patients and their phobias.

What’s this got to do with going green at work? It may be a way to really get started. I stumbled upon a post in the blog,,  which advocates for just such an approach.  Continue reading

Delaware Earth Day Events: Employers, Make Earth Day Events Team Events


Delaware employers, you can celebrate Earth Day today by passing along the following list of State-wide activities to your employees. Or, for the innovative employer, why not turn one of the many environmentally friendly activities into a (voluntary) corporate outing. It’s a great opportunity for a little team building and a chance to feel good about giving back. Plus, it’s a beautiful day in the First State today, so get outside while you can! Continue reading