Employee Must’ve Been Smoking Crack If He Thought He’d Win Lawsuit

A disgruntled airplane pilot sued the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) seeking to have his pilot’s license reinstated. The FAA terminated his license after the pilot failed a drug test. The pilot claimed that there was insufficient evidence to support his termination. The suit made its way to a federal appeals court after an administrative hearing and the National Transportation Safety Board affirmed the FAA’s decision. The federal court, I’m glad to say, upheld the termination decision, marking a sad day for crack-smoking employees in highly safety-sensitive jobs.

Employer Quits Its Smoking-Penalty Policy

Off-duty conduct, especially smoking and tobacco use, are often regulated by employers who complain of increasing health-care costs. But not every employer believes that workplace regulations on employee’s off-duty conduct is an appropriate solution. The Tribune Company, which owns the Chicago Tribune, came under new ownership in December. Sam Zell, the new chairman and chief […]