Bra-Less Investigative Reporter Fired for Blog Post

Yes, America, there is such a thing as too much information.  But, at least when it comes to social media, we’ve not yet figured that out.  Exhibit A: Alabama TV reporter, Shea Allen.

Ms. Allen wrote a blog post entitled, “Confessions of a Red Headed Reporter.”  And confess, she did.  For example, she admitted that she’d “gone bra-less” for an entire live newscast (although, according to her, no one was the wiser).  She also admitted that she really hates the elderly.  Well, she hates reporting about them, anyway.

She seemed to have realized that she may have over-shared because she pulled the post shortly after she posted it. But that moment of enlightenment didn’t last for long. She put the post back up but changed its title to: “No Apologies: Confessions of a red headed reporter.”

She was terminated after news of her “confessional” went viral.  Shocking, I know.

So, what’s the lesson from this self-described “snarky and cynical” young journalist’s termination.  Well, for employers, I would say that the lesson is a familiar one.  For crying out loud-get a social-media policy.  Or, if you can’t manage that, for whatever reason, at least educate your employees about the risks of oversharing.  Ms. Allen maintains that what she does in her “personal space is protected by the First Amendment.” 

Maybe Ms. Allen should consider doing a little more investigating on this point before reaching this conclusion. Because no, actually, she is not protected by the First Amendment.  She worked for a private news station-not the government-and, therefore, the First Amendment does not protect her off-duty blogging.

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