Top 10 FLSA Blogs: Sharing the E-Law Love

The FLSA has been the subject of several posts on this blog recently. See, e.g., this post about tip-pooling this one on missed meal breaks, this one on the 3d Cir.’s recent decision on the class-certification standard, and this one on an important FLSA case on appeal to the Supreme Court.

And there are several important FLSA decisions about which I’ve not yet posted. See Phil Miles’ post on the 3d Cir.’s decision on joint employment in FLSA cases and Michael Fox’s post on the 5th Circuit’s opinion enforcing a private FLSA settlement, to tide you over till I get caught up.

[Don’t begrudge me, dear readers, I do have a day job, after all.]

But the fact of the matter is unavoidable–wage disputes continue to capture the attention of employers across the country. If you need proof beyond my representation of such, I’ll direct you to the results of a recent study by Seyfarth Shaw, which shows that FLSA lawsuits are at an all-time high this year.

So, what’s an employer to do to avoid being on the defense side of an FLSA lawsuit? The best way to avoid getting sued for FLSA violations is to not violate the FLSA. Although most employers think they are in compliance, the unfortunate reality is that, often times, they are not. The best thing to do, then, is to get educated about the many intricacies of the FLSA. And a great (and free) way to do that is through the wonderful world of employment-law blogs.

Here, in alphabetical order except for the first, which is my pick for #1, are the FLSA blogs that I consider to be the best of the best:

Overtime Law Blog, written by Andrew Frisch
Epstein Becker Green’s Wage & Hour Defense Blog

Fisher & Phillips, LLP’s Wage and Hour Laws blog
Fox Rothschild’s Wage & Hour Blog

Francezek Radelet’s Wage & Hour Insights

Greenwald Doherty’s Overtime Advisor

Jackson Lewis’ Wage & Hour Law Update

Littler’s Wage and Hour Counsel blog
Seyfarh Shaw’s The Wage & Hour Litigation Blog

Wage & Hour Defense Institute, which is published by the organization’s member firms.

And, although they don’t publish posts with enough frequency to qualify for my Top 10, these blogs also deserve a place on your feed reader:

Womble Carlyle’s Fair Labor Standards Act Law blog.

Independent Contractor Compliance, Pepper Hamilton, LLP
Have I missed one? Leave a comment if you read (or write) an FLSA-specific blog (general employment-law blogs like mine doesn’t count).

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