Here’s to All the Lovey-Dovey Lawyers!

Charlie Plumb, Oklahoma’s super-star employment lawyer of the year, ECN rock star, and, according to Jon Hyman, the “world’s nicest guy,” wrote a great post on his firm’s Employer LINC blog yesterday about a Philadelphia case straight from the we-can’t-make-this-stuff-up department. In shortened form, the story goes as follows:

Customer goes to KFC for a bucket of chicken and is pistol whipped by a gun-toting employee working behind the counter. What incited the employee to violence? Apparently, Customer took too long to choose which of the mouth-watering sides he wanted with his chicken. And, because nobody likes to get pistol whipped–not even for a bucket of the Colonel’s finest–the customer sued the restaurant chain, alleging negligent retention based on its failure to conduct a background search on the pistol-packing employee, who, you may not be surprised to learn, did in fact have a criminal history.

Being the all-around funny man that he is, Charlie tells this saga in a very funny way. But, rightly so, he emphasizes out the importance of the court’s decision dismissing the customer’s claims. If the court had ruled differently, it could have set precedent that employers must, as a matter of law, conduct a criminal background search on every potential employee, regardless of position.

Now, if I can just figure out how the guy from Tulsa beat me to such a great story in my own backyard . . .

Regarding Jon Hyman’s complimentary description of Charlie Plumb, I suppose it would be appropriate to say, “it takes one to know one.” On his Ohio Employer Law Blog this week, Jon wrote a great post about the TLC employers should give to new employees during the onboarding process.

And, sticking with the lovey-dovey theme, I’ll point you to Dan Schwartz’s post from Wednesday, in which he tosses a whole bunch of kudos all around the blogosphere, calling particular attention to 10 of his favorite employment-law bloggers–including me and Jon–thanks, Dan.

Now, one for the haters. Admittedly, there is a time and a place for all of this warm and fuzziness. And that place is not always the workplace. A post on highlights the problem of the awkward office hug. The post quotes various professionals who lament the awkward moment when they went in for the hug only to realize, mid-embrace, that a handshake definitely would have been the better choice.


I’ve had this discussion with female colleagues on many occasions but have never seen any kind of consensus. I tend to just do whatever I’m inclined to do at the moment–I certainly don’t give any kind of advance thought to whether I’m going to greet a coworker or client with a handshake, hug, or cheek kiss. I suppose I’m more casual about these interactions than some of my friends. But maybe that’s because I’ve not yet had the unfortunate experience of the awkward office hug.

Here’s to hoping you have absolutely no awkward encounters this weekend and that you meet lots of kind and heartwarming folks, including a lawyer or two.

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