Friday Quick Hits: Twitter Edition

It’s Friday. I’ve got a short day today but a long list of things to do. I haven’t posted in a couple days because of the holiday. So, I’m going keep this post to a reasonable length in an attempt to keep my sanity. And, keeping with the theme of short and sweet, I’m going to write about some news relating to Twitter. twitter icon.png

Let’s start with Legal News.

A New York judge ordered Twitter to turn over three months’ worth of an Occupy Wall Street protester’s tweets. Initially, the protestor attempted to have the subpoena quashed but was unsuccessful, as the judge ruled that he did not have standing. Twitter intervened and sought to avoid having to turn the protester’s tweets over to the State. The judge disagreed with Twitter’s arguments and ruled that the company must comply with law enforcement’s demand. But the judge did decide that he would review the tweets and determine which ones are relevant to the case before turning them over to the prosecution. Via WSJ Online.

Yesterday, a Florida judge set George Zimmerman’s bail at $1 million, setting off a firestorm of death threats and calls to arms from Twitter users. Threats of violence violate the site’s terms of use. The threatening tweeters have been deemed a “Twitter lynch mob.” Via

Moving on to Sports.

Baltimore Ravens play-by-play announcer Gerry Sandusky has had a similar experience, being on the receiving end of hateful tweets sent by users who have confused him for the recently convicted former Penn State assistant football coach, Jerry (with a “J”) Sandusky. Via USA Today.

The ugly side of Twitter also showed itself during the final rounds of the Euro 2012, when fans tweeted racist comments directed at two English soccer players. Because the laws do not protect free speech in the same way they do in the U.S., the tweets are being investigated by police and the Football Association has called the comments “appalling and unacceptable.” Via Fox Sports

Jameer Nelson, point guard for the Orlando Magic, reached a deal in principle with team management and announced the news via Twitter yesterday. Via the Washington Post.

Another athlete, Chad Ochocinco, had some Twitter announcements of his own but of a very different kind. Ochocinco made news when he invited a grieving widow from Franklin, Ohio, to his wedding after she sent him a message Twitter. Then, on his big day, he kept fans up to to date with a Twitter play-by-play, tweeting before, during, and after his nuptials. Via US Today.

We’ll wrap up with the Entertainment news. (It is Friday, after all).

For those of you who may have been devastated by the news newlywed Alec Baldwin quit Twitter, you can breathe easy. Just two days after deactivating his account, Baldwin is back, tweeting under a different name. Although Baldwin has committed to a new marriage, he apparently can’t commit to leading a Twitter-free life with his new bride. Via

Matthew McConaughey tweeted his own big news this week, when he used Twitter to announce that he and his wife are expecting their third child. Via the Washington Post.

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week!

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