Keepin’ It In the (Blog) Family

Employers have more resources than ever when it comes to employment-related questions. The Internet is chock full of fantastic references for all things employment law. This blog was selected as one of the best in the country by the ABA Journal for the third time this year (thanks, ABA Journal!!), along with several other terrific employment-law blogs. There’s a connection between this blog and some of the other winners this year, though, that deserves my attention.

Young Conaway is a long-time member of the Employer’s Counsel Network (ECN). Through this affiliation, we publish our monthly Delaware Employment Law Letter (the only monthly newsletter for Delaware employers). The ECN’s presence in the blogosphere has multiplied in the past few years and I’m proud to say that 4 of us were selected as Top 100 blogs this year. In addition to the Delaware Employment Law Blog, the following three ECN members also were 2011 award winners (in alphabetical order):

Arizoneout is the newest addition to ECN’s blogging family. Written by Dinita James of Ford & Harrison, the blog’s focus is narrow but deep–with posts only about the medical marijuana law in Arizona. Dinita’s blog is sure to be a go-to resource for employers across the country who will be dealing with questions about managing card-carrying employees. I have a particular fondness for Dinita’s blog because, so she says, she was, in part, inspired to finally put pen to ink (or fingertips to keys) after hearing me and my fellow ECN bloggers talk about why we love blogging at an ECN meeting last year. Dinita tweets at @Arizoneout.

That’s What She Said is another blog written by Ford & Harrison lawyers. This blog is the longest-running among all of the ECN blogs. The blog makes the Top 100 each year but not in the employment category. Instead, it is listed in the Humor category–and for good reason. Posts track the TV sitcom, The Office. Each week, its authors comment on the various workplace missteps that the show’s characters make. They even give estimates of the costs of those missteps if the same facts were to occur in the real world, which surely would result in lots of litigation. The gang can be found on Twitter at @HRHero.

Work Matters is written by our friend, Mike Maslanka, in Dallas. Mike is a prolific writer and constant scholar, who always seems to find the deeper meaning of otherwise everyday events. Mike’s take on employment matters is almost holistic–he tends to analyze issues in a highly insightful way. Follow Mike on Twitter @worklawyer.

Although technically not a member of the ECN, Robin Shea’s Employment & Labor Insider is almost in the ECN family, since she and Mike Maslanka both are partners with Constangy Brooks & Smith. So maybe her blog is a blog-in-law of some sort. Either way, Robin, who practices in North Carolina, writes in a style that is very easy to read and as entertaining as it is practical. She’s been blogging since late 2010 and posts as frequently as ever. Follow her on Twitter @RobinEShea.

Although not in my ECN family, fellow Top 100 bloggers Dan Schwartz and Jon Hyman certainly are members of my blogging family. Dan, who writes the Connecticut Employment Law Blog, is one of true innovators in legal blogging. Jon somehow manages to generate an enormous amount of content on his Ohio Employer’s Law Blog. Each blogger also tweets like crazy. Follow them on Twitter at @danielschwartz and @jonhyman.

Eric Meyer also blogs more frequently than most and his new blog, The Employer Handbook, was honored as a Top 100 this year, as well. Follow him on Twitter at @Eric_B_Meyer.

Finally, there are two other winners this year, each of whom have made my Top 100 Employment Law Blogs list in past years. First, there’s FMLA Insights, written by Jeff Nowak of Chicago. For any employer with 50 or more employees, there is hardly a more relevant topic than the FMLA and the constant challenges that it presents. Follow Jeff on Twitter @JeffreySNowak.

Second, is Donna Ballman’s Screw You Guys I’m Going Home. For reasons that escape me, plaintiff’s employment lawyers are largely absent from the blogosphere. But, of the handful of quality blogs written for employees, perhaps none has a better name than Donna’s. You can follow her on Twitter @EmployeeAtty.