Thanks for the Kind Words

LexisNexis has selected Delaware Employment Law Blog as a nominee for its Top 25 Labor and Employment Law Blogs. We’re very honored to have been selected and are in very good company, along with 58 or so other excellent employment law or Human Resources-related blogs that also were nominated. According to LexisNexis, readers are encouraged to leave a comment in support of their favorit blog–each comment is counted as one “vote” and can be submitted through September 12, when the top 25 are announced.

Honestly, the biggest reward that we could hope for is your continued readership. Ok, well, the kind words some of you send to us once in a while don’t hurt, either–I mean, who doesn’t appreciate a compliment now and then? So we won’t ask you to vote for us but certainly wouldn’t object if you were inclined to do so anyway. To vote, you must be registered, so there is a prerequisite. If that doesn’t stop you from wanting to support the Delaware Employment Law Blog, we thank you for your dedication. And, if not, thanks anyway! We’re glad to have you stop by the blog anytime, voting or no voting!