45% of Employers [Still] Don’t Have a Social-Media Policy

Nearly half of employers still have not adopted a social-media policy, according to a survey recently released by Proskauer’s International Labor & Employment Group. Making it worse, the survey found that more than 75% of employers are using social media to promote their goods or services. Yikes. There are other enlightening statistics, as well, including:

~29% block employees’ access to social-networking sites;

~27% monitor employees’ use of social media;

~43% have dealt with employee misuse of social media; and

~Nearly 30% of employers have taken disciplinary action for employee social-media misuse.

I can’t imagine what the other half are waiting for–there’s no better time than now to get started on that social-media policy that you’ve been thinking about. And there are plenty of resources available to help you get started. For example, I had the pleasure of contributing a chapter to a new book devoted entirely to the legal issues faced by human-resource professionals. Jon Hyman of the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog edited the book and other employment-law bloggers contributed chapters. Think Before You Click, Strategies for Managing Social Media in the Workplace is available as a downloadable e-book. The authors discussed the legal issues of social media in a two-part podcast, HR and Social Media Round Table, with the Proactive Employer’s Stephanie Thomas.

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