Social Media Policies: Learn All About Them

Public_speaker_thumbSocial-media policies are on the mind of employers everywhere. I taught my first social-media policy workshop in 2009 and have been talking about them ever since. It’s only been in the last 12-18 months, though, that I’ve seen a real movement towards adopting and implementing social-media policies, as opposed to just talking about them.

In the coming months, I will be giving a number of presentations about social-media policies. I’ll be speaking to the Virginia Bar Association’s Labor & Employment Section’s annual CLE in Richmond on May 5 and just outside of D.C. on May 12. Then I’ll be back in Delaware on May 18 for a CLE hosted by the Delaware Bar Association’s Technology and Corporate Counsel. At each of these seminars, I’ll be talking about social-media policies.

Although not specific to policy drafting, I will also be speaking about the ethical issues relating to social media for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute on April 21 in Pittsburgh and on April 27 in Philadelphia.

Although the sessions listed above are for legal professionals, human-resource professionals will have their chance, too. On May 11, at Young Conaway’s Annual Employment Law Seminar, which is not to be missed for Delaware employers, Bill Bowser and I will be giving an encore presentation of our popular social-media policy workshop. (If you haven’t registered yet, do it now–it looks like the event will likely sell out this year). Then, this Fall, I’ll be speaking again at both of M. Lee Smith’s Advanced Employment Issues Symposiums. The first one is in October in Nashville, Tennessee; the second is in Las Vegas in November.

For the next several months, I’ll be living and breathing (and talking a lot about) social-media policies. To make it a truly well-rounded experience, I’ll also be writing about them here on the blog. Specifically, I’ll be writing an extensive series of posts about the specific considerations that are involved in drafting a social-media policy. These posts will address the details of social-media policies, as opposed to the big-picture considerations that I have written about in the past. All of the posts in this series will be titled, “Drafting Considerations for Social-Media Policies,” making them easy to identify.