Keep Your Shirt On!


mens_outfit_thumbBy now, we should all be well aware that our out-of-office conduct can result in discipline  or termination in the workplace. Never has this been more true than today, when people document their entire lives online, leaving cyber-footprints everywhere they go. Sadly, this was a lesson learned too late by Congressman Christopher Lee.

Lee was a two-term Congressman from New York, with a wife and young child. Apparently Mr. Lee got a little frisky in Washington, and emailed a picture of himself, shirtless, to a woman on Craigslist. The woman then shared the photo with, a celebrity news site. Mr. Lee has since resigned his seat by letter to House Speaker John Boehner.

This news story is just another reminder, if anyone needed it, that internet conduct is not private. Even if you restrict access on blogs, Facebook, or similar sites to “friends,” the information you share is not private. This is a message that has clearly not penetrated our corporate culture. So, the onus remains on employers to remind their employees that out-of-office conduct can result in employee discipline, and that their conduct online is highly visible and relevant to workplace performance!