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For the third year in a row, I’m thrilled to submit to our readers what I consider to be the best of the best when it comes to employment law blogs.  Since this is the third year I’ve published this list, and practice does make perfect, I’ve imposed a few more rules this time around.  The “rules” and more details about those on this year’s list are found below but, first, . . . drumroll, please. . . the winners . . .

Group 1

1. Alaska Employment Law
2. Arkansas Employment Law
3. Connecticut Employment Law Blog
4. Daily Developments in EEO Law
5. Defending the Digital Workplace
6. Delaware Employment Law Blog
7. HR Lawyer’s Blog
8. Lawffice Space
9. New Jersey Employment Law
10. New York Public Personnel Law
11. Ohio Employer’s Law Blog
12. San Antonio Employment Law Blog
13. Strategic HR Lawyer
14. That’s What She Said
15. The Laconic Law Blog
16. Thoughts from a Management Lawyer (CA)
17. What’s New in Employment Law
18. Wisconsin Employment & Labor Law Blog

Group 2

19. Adjunct Law Prof.
20. Alabama Employment Law Report
21. All About Information
22. Atlanta Employment Lawyer Blog
23. California Wage Law
24. California Workforce Resource Blog
25. Canadian Privacy Law Blog (CA)
26. Charles A. Krugel
27. Colorado Employment Law Blog
28. Employment Law Matters
29. Employment Lawyer Blog
30. Fair Competition Law Blog
31. Florida Employment & Immigration Law Blog
32. Iowa Employment Law Blog
33. Juz the Fax
34. Legal Developments in Non-Compete Agreements
35. Maryland Employment Law Developments
36. New York Labor and Employment Law Report
37. Overtime Advisor
38. Pennsylvania Labor & Employment Law Blog
39. Smooth Transitions
40. Social Networking Law Blog
41. Tennessee Employment Lawyer Blog
42. Texas Employment Law Update
43. Texas Non-Compete Law Blog
44. Virginia Non-Compete Law Blog
45. Wage Law
46. Wait a Second! (2d Cir. Civil Rights)
47. Work Matters
48. World of Work

Group 3

49. Alabama HR Law
50. California Employment Law Report
51. Digital Workplace Blog
52. Doorey’s Workplace Law Blog (CA)
53. Drew Capuder’s Employment Law Blog
54. EBG Trade Secrets & Noncompete Blog
55. Employee Benefits Legal Blog
56. Employer Law Report
57. Employers Law Blog
58. Employment Essentials
59. Employment Law Bits
60. Employment Law Watch
61. Executive Counsel Blog
62. Fair Labor Standards Act Law
63. Federal Sector FMLA Blog
64. Florida Employment Law Blog
65. FMLA Law Blog
66. George’s Employment Blawg
67. Gruntled Employees
68. Healthcare Employment Counsel
69. Human Rights in the Workplace (CA)
70. Jottings By An Employment Lawyer
71. Labor & Employment Law Blog
72. Labor & Employment Law Blog
73. Labor Relations Counsel
74. LawMemo Employment Law
75. Manpower Employment Law Blog
76. Massachusetts Non-Compete Law Blog
77. Michigan Employment Law Connection
78. Minnesota Employment Law Blog
79. Nevada Employment Law Blog
80. New York Employment Lawyer Blog
81. OFCCP Blog Spot
82. Overtime Law Blog
83. Overtime Lawyer Blog
84. Prima Facie Law Blog
85. Privacy & Information Security Law Blog
86. Privacy Law Blog
87. Public Sector Law Blog
88. The FMLA Blog
89. The Proactive Employer
90. Trade Secret / Noncompete Blog
91. Trading Secrets
92. Transgender Workplace Diversity
93. Wage & Hour Coun
94. Wage & Hour Defense Blog
95. Wage & Hour Development & Highlights
96. Wage & Hour Law Update
97. Washington DC Employment Law Update
98. Workplace Privacy Counsel
99. Workplace Prof Blog
100. Wyatt Employment Law Report

Up & Coming

101. Delaware Noncompete Law Blog
102. FLSA Cases
103. Hawaii Labor Law
104. Iowa Employer Law Blog
105. The Word on Employment Law Blog

*    *    *   *

Update (Dec. 20, 2010, 12:50 p.m.)

Thanks to the readers who noted some of the excellent blogs (current and up-and-coming), that I failed to include.  Be sure to add these to your feed reader, as well:

FMLA Insights, by Francezek Radelet

Labor Relations Today, by Seth Borden, @LRToday

The BELG Blog, by Hirsch Roberts Weinstein, LLP

Additions to the “Up & Coming” Group:

Castronovo & McKinney, LLC, Tom McKinney

Colorado Employer’s Law Blog, Jennifer at Ogeltree Deakins

*    *    *   *

The “Rules”

First, employee- and employer- side blogs were eligible, as they have been in the past.  And you’ll notice that some excellent employee–side blogs have made it into the list.

Second, I did include Canadian blogs but made the standard a bit higher for our blogging brothers and sisters to the North so as to keep the list as U.S. focused as possible.

Third, and this was the hardest, I only included blogs that have posted in the last two months. There were some blogs that I really wanted to include that had not posted since the summer.  So, to be fair, I excluded them from the list–this year only, of course–they’re eligible now to be included next year.

And, fourth, I only included blogs written by lawyers, legal professionals, or from a legal perspective.  Non-lawyer consultants account for less than 10 of the blogs on this year’s list and each of those write consistently on legal issues.

The Importance of Sharing (i.e., What the “Groups” Mean)

This year, I also decided to take a stand on something that drives me slightly buggy–blogs without blogrolls.  I’ll be honest, I think it’s a little selfish.  Ok, so there, I said it.  I think it’s selfish for a blogger to ignore the community that is the blogosphere by not recognizing his or her fellow bloggers via a blogroll.  I do realize that the decision often belongs to the firm and not the individual blogger–some firms are reoffenders in this department–and so I don’t want to place all the blamed with just the blogger.  Which is why I didn’t make having a blogroll a criteria for inclusion.  Well, that, and I wouldn’t have even close to 100 blogs!

So, what you’ll see below is the list of the top 100 (plus a few), separated into 3 groups.  The first group includes blogs that have a blogroll that includes DELB.  The second group has a blogroll that, in my opinion, is missing one (namely, us!).  And the third group includes those blogs that, for whatever reason, don’t have a blogroll.

And, one last thing.  I wanted the list to be as readable as possible but, at the same time, wanted to give readers the name of the blog author and firm and, where applicable, the author’s Twitter handle. But that was just too much information to put on a single (readable) page.  So, as a compromise, I’ve listed the name of the blogs below, which are hyperlinked to the blogs themselves.  Then, I’ve attached a spreadsheet (pdf) containing all of the data, including the blog name, author name (hyperlinked to their Twitter handle if available), and the firm name.

Up & Coming

There are 4 blogs I that I thought worthy of mention but that have not been around long enough to make the official Top 100.  For those long-time readers of The Word on Employment Law, don’t be confused that I have that listed in this category.  Many of you may know that our beloved John Phillips, Jr., accepted an in-house counsel position earlier this year and that his former colleagues have stepped into the role of blogger at The Word.  So, although the blog itself is hardly new, without John’s voice, it is certain to be a different, albeit surely wonderful, blog.

Didn’t Make This Year’s List?

If you’re not on the list, don’t be shy–leave your blog’s info as a comment.  I’ll add it to my feed reader and hopefully add it to next year’s list.

And One Last Thing. . .


If you haven’t already voted in this year’s ABA Journal’s Top 100 Blawgs, there’s still time left.  You’ll find all five of the honorees in the In Labor category, including Delaware Employment Law Blog, on the Top 100 Employment Law Blog list.

So be sure to jump over to the ABA Journal, register, and vote for your favorite–particularly if your favorite is us!

Congratulations to all 100 of this year’s best employment law blogs!

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  1. Hi Molly, thanks for including Lawffice Space again this year! It is truly an honor. Also, thanks for spending the time to put together this great resource for discovering new employment law blogs!


  2. Molly! Thanks so much for the nice shout-out. I’m very flattered to see my blog included in your annual list! This is such a great resources, and I really appreciate all the time and energy you invest in not just this list, but your blogging as well!


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