National Disability Employment Awareness Month 2010

Employers may want to take advantage of a new online toolkit to facilitate the return-to-work process for employees following a disability-related leave of absence.  The toolkit is intended to provide guidance to both employees and employers with the goal of getting employees back to work as soon as possible. The employer toolkit includes tips for possible accommodations, such as changes to work duties or schedules.  The site also includes suggestions for ways to reduce workers’ compensation costs and improve workplace safety. 

If you need specific information on how to accommodate an employee with a disability, be sure to check out the Job Accommodation Network (JAN)JAN is a free service with an unmatched library of informative resources.

One thought on “National Disability Employment Awareness Month 2010

  1. Earlier this month, The Proactive Employer Podcast hosted a one-hour panel discussion in honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Guests included Cari Dominguez, Former Chair of EEOC, Jon Hyman of Korhman Jackson & Krantz, Sheridan Walker of HirePotential, James Rodriguez of BAE Systems, and Kevin Bradley of McDonalds. They gave some great resources on accommodation, recruiting and outreach, inclusion, etc. Here’s the link for the discussion:


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