Oct. 18, 2010: Monitoring Employee E-mail, Texting, and Facebook Audio Conference

surveillance_camera_thumbDo you suspect an employee is spending more time Facebooking than working? How far can you go to monitor blogs, e-mails, and texts without invading an employees privacy? Even the best-intended employers are struggling to keep up with the legal developments in this area.

I will be presenting an audio-conference discussing how a recent Supreme Court decision should impact your electronic monitoring policies:

  • Best practices to avoid invasion of privacy claims: Is it really effective, or necessary, to ban personal use of employer-provided phones, computers, etc.?
  • Pros and cons of monitoring your employees’ online activities during off-duty time
  • Best practices for monitoring your organization’s phone logs, computers, e-mails, texts, blogs and other social media
  • How to implement and communicate a policy to your workforce regarding electronic monitoring in the workplace
  • How to adjust your HR policies to inform employees that your organization’s e-mail, blogs, texts, and social networking sites may be monitored
  • The federal rules that govern electronic monitoring in the workplace, including how the Electronic Communications Privacy Act comes into play
  • How far can you go to monitor employee electronic communications? What types of surveillance should you avoid?
  • Your legal options if you suspect an employee is stealing confidential data using an electronic device

This 90-minute audio conference will be held on October 18, 2010, beginning at 11 a.m. Eastern time. Registration and additional information is available on the HR Hero website.