Delaware Employers, Are You Ready for the Cell-Phone Ban?

Delaware’s law banning calling and texting while driving takes effect in January. Eric Ruth, of the Wilmington News Journal, details what Delaware’s new no-cell-phone law does and does not require and, with a few suggestions from Adria B. Martinelli, offers ways that employers can begin to prepare.

Adria also offers some tips for employers who will need to update their policies:

  • Ban all cell phone use while driving company-owned vehicles — even hands-free devices can distract drivers.
  • Specifically ban texting and e-mailing while driving. If text messaging must be used, incorporate a strict policy requiring drivers to first find a safe area to park the vehicle.
  • Make an exception for emergencies that require police or medical attention.
  • Also require all occupants of company-owned vehicles or private vehicles driven on company business to wear seat belts.
  • Monitor and enforce the policy.