Welcome, Delaware Non-Compete Law Blog

Delaware Employment Law Blog is pleased to welcome a new employment-law blog to the blogosphere.  Young Conaway’s Non-Compete and Unfair Competition practice group recently launched the Delaware Non-Compete Law Blog, focusing on, you guessed it, non-competition agreements and unfair competition litigation in Delaware. 

“The blog is an acknowledgement that the Delaware Court of Chancery, frequently recognized for its expertise in handling corporate disputes, has developed into a leading forum for the enforcement of non-competition agreements and cases involving misappropriation of trade secrets,” says Scott A. Holt, a partner in the firm’s Non-Compete and Unfair Competition practice group.  “Companies continue to value the Chancery Court’s ability to handle these disputes in a quick and equitable manner, which is critical for any business that needs to protect its goodwill and assets.”

Readers (and authors!) of the Delaware Employment Law Blog are certain to find the Non-Compete Law Blog a very useful resource.