Talk About Ego: Former Banker Says She Was Fired for Being Too Sexy

PeacockDebrahlee Lorenzana has sued Citigroup, her former employer, alleging that she was unlawfully terminated because she was “too sexy for her job,” to borrow a line from song by Right Said Fred. According to the New York Daily News, Lorenzana claims that she was subject to “improper comments” and reprimanded for dressing in a way that was “too distracting” to her male coworkers. She denies that she ever dressed inappropriately and complains that she’s always been burdened with good looks–she draws attention from the opposite gender even when she’s at the grocery store in sweatpants.

Oh, brother.

She is also quoted as saying that she refuses to “eat and gain 50 or 100 pounds because my job wants me to be the same size as everyone else.”  Hmm.  I wonder if maybe she was fired for her inability to play well with others.  I mean, she sounds so charming, I can’t imagine that all of the women in the office didn’t adore her just as much as the men!

So what’s the likelihood that her gender-discrimination claim actually has any merit?  Without having seen the complaint, I dare not even speculate.  On one hand, we’ve written previously about the increase of gender-discrimination suits brought by males and about how the courts seem to be expanding the protections of Title VII to include less traditional bases for such claims.  On the other hand, though, any perceived expansion has been in cases that evoke a great deal more sympathy than Ms. Beautiful’s claims would likely evoke.

It’s one thing to have an individual who is tortured by co-workers for being too effeminate.  It seems that it would be altogether different to have an individual who has spent a lifetime fighting the heavy burden of being God’s Gift to Men.  Maybe those of us not cursed with such beauty should just take a moment and count our lucky stars.

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