Trifecta of Employment Law Cases

Jon Hyman of the Ohio Employment Law Blog writes a weekly post in which he rounds up some of the most important stories from around the web. This week, I’m going to follow Jon’s lead with a “best-of-the-web” edition of my own. There is so much happening in the world of employment law and human resources, it’s hard to narrow down my top choices for the must-reads. But I’ll do my best. 


To give proper honors, I’ll give the first hat tip to Jon, who wrote about a family-responsibilities case (a rare breed, indeed), that resulted in a quarter-billion-dollar verdict.


Deliberations, the blog focused on how juries work, reports on an interesting gender-discrimination case  in Man Wins Pregnancy Discrimination Suit.


The U.S. Supreme Court has issued another important decision affecting employers in Lewis v. City of Chicago.  Generally speaking, the case involves the statute of limitations for disparate-impact claims.  For more specific details, see Daniel Schwartz at the Connecticut Employment Law Blog, Ilyse Shuman at the DC Employment Law Update, and Paul Mollica at Daily Developments In EEO Law.

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