Pending Delaware Legislation May Affect Employee Credentialing

Delaware’s legislature has bills pending which may change how some employers credential their employees.

First, there is a bill pending (Senate Bill No. 236) which will remove the provision that allows for the registration of psychological assistants who hold a master’s degree that is “based on a program of studies that is psychological in content and specifically designed to train and prepare psychologists but who is not working toward full licensure as a psychologist.” Pursuant to the bill, a psychological assistant must have completed all the course requirements for a doctoral degree in psychology. A grandfather provision is included for existing registered psychological assistants who maintain their registration. The change limits psychological assistants to those people who meet the experience requirement under §3508(a)(2) for full licensure as a psychologist. The bill was reported out of committee on May 12, 2010.

Second, there is a bill pending (House Bill No. 377) for all state contractors in the plumbing and heating, ventilation, air conditioning and air refrigeration (“HVACR”) fields. Currently a licensed contractor from any state can obtain a Delaware plumbing or HVACR license by simply paying a fee and proving that the contractor is licensed elsewhere. Some states do not offer the same reciprocity, and instead require Delaware contractors take a written test, pay a fee, and satisfy all licensing criteria for that state.  This bill eliminates the existing disparity between Delaware and out of state reciprocity requirements.   If an out of state contractor’s home state has provisions similar to Delaware’s, the contractor may obtain a Delaware license through the reciprocity provisions.  If the other state does not offer reciprocity, that state’s resident plumbing and HVACR contractors must go through the full process of becoming licensed in Delaware. The bill was reported out of committee on May 12, 2010.

Third, pending Senate Bill No. 246 would create a Delaware Board of Examiners of Bail Enforcement Agents empowered to enforce standards upon bail enforcement agents. This 9 member board will supplant the primary responsibility of the Secretary of the Department of Safety and Homeland Security regarding licensure and disciplinary regulatory authority. Regulations proposed by the Board would still be subject to the approval of the Secretary. The Bill also requires that licensees operating a bail enforcement company obtain insurance and file proof of insurance with the Board. The bill was reported out of the Senate’s sunset committee on May 12, 2010.

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