I Always Feel Like, the School Is Watching Me: Electronic Monitoring Gone Wrong?

Electronic monitoring is a very hot topic in employment law these days. But what about other types of electronic monitoring by employers?  A case filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania alleges a much more unusual sort of electronic monitoring.  The suit alleges that Lower Marion School District distributed over 1,800 laptops to its students.  So far, so good.3d binoculars

But, according to the Complaint (via Above the Law), the laptops were equipped with webcams. 

How could this not end badly?

The suit alleges that school administrators remotely activated the webcams.  One is alleged to have gone so far as to discipline a student for “improper behavior in his home.”  Funny, I’ve never seen that one in a student code of conduct. It is also alleged that the District was also tracking all the students’ online activity. 

Employers commonly provide employees with laptops for business-related use.  If your organization is one such employer, maybe consider skipping the upgrade to the models with webcams.

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