Delaware Employers, What’s the Problem?

Delaware employees are not very satisfied with their work. In fact, according to the results of a recent Gallup poll, Delaware workers are the least satisfied in the entire country. When Delaware reporter Eric Ruth alerted me to the poll results I was, admittedly, stunned. I never would have guessed that the employers in our State are failing so badly to keep their workforce engaged. Being a self-proclaimed evangelist for the workplace-engagement initiative, I feel compelled to do whatever I can to improve Delaware’s wretched statistics. But where to start? How about with the basics.

Employee engagement can be difficult to define. I’d suggest that it consists of two types of passion. The first passion is felt towards the employer; the second is towards the work. For example, a nurse may love her work (i.e., providing health care to those in need) but may detest her employer. A disengaged employee, on the other hand, also is passionate about his employer and about his work. The difference, though, is that the passion he feels is a negative one. In the worst case scenario, the disengaged employee is passionate about sabotaging his employer and its efforts.