Learn by Example: Top Social Brands of 2009

The best way to learn about social media is from the examples of others.  This includes both good and bad examples–you can learn quite a bit by studying the social-media blunders of organizations, as well as how they responded to the blunder.  So anytime I talk to organizations and, specifically, to HR professionals about how they can put social media to use, I try to give examples of organizations that are getting it right.  (Sodexo and Deloitte & Touche are two of my consistent favorites).

Virtue, a social-branding company, has published its “Top 100 Social Brands of 2009.”  The list is an ideal place to start when trying to see what others are doing in the world of social media.

Interestingly, neither of my two favorites are on the list.  But this is largely a result of the way values were assigned.  I’m interested in companies’ uses of social media for hiring, recruiting, and engagement.  Virtue’s perspective, as I understand it, is largely product based (i.e., a hard-dollar return).

Nonetheless, it’s a great starting point to get some very innovative ideas for what can be done in the world of social media.

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