Sample Social-Media Guidelines

Social media policies are a really hot topic. I spoke today for 3 hours (and 20 minutes, to be exact) about what things an organization should consider when preparing to draft a social media policy. (To follow the conference on Twitter, use the hashtag #aonsocial09). After the talk, several of the attendees commented that they appreciated the substantive nature of the presentation; i.e., that it was more of a roll-up-your-sleeves type of presentation as compared to more theory-based. This was probably a result of the length of the session. With three hours, it was easier to get into the real heart of the topic instead of an overview.

In any event, I promised during the session that I would post some links to sample policies that are circulating around the web, and I’ve done that below. Because of the high-level of interest in the topic of social-media policies and guidelines, I’m also going to post about some of the more critical things to include in your policy, and, separately, about how to go about preparing a social-media policy. Honestly, there were a number of topics that we discussed that I’d like to share with our blog readers. In the meantime, you can whet your appetite with some leisure reading…

Media Organizations

BBC Guidelines Personal use of Social Networking and other third party websites 

Associated Press Social Networking Q&A (PDF via

NPR News Staff Social Media Guidelines

Technology Industries

IBM Social Computing Guidelines

Intel Social Media Guidelines

SAP Social Media Guidelines 2009

Sun MicroSystems Guidelines on Public Discourse

Online Repositories and Collections of Links

Social Media Governance Database

TechRepublic Links to Social Media Policies Sample Blogging Policy

Laurel Papworth’s Collection of Social Media Policies from 40 Enterprises

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