Jan. 12: Feed Your Talent Pipeline Using Twitter, Facebook, and Other Social Media

If you’re using Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn® to search for talented job candidates, you’re not alone. According to Workforce Management, companies like digital advertising agency Organic are incorporating social media as part of their recruiting strategies. And with nearly 7.1 million people now using Twitter (Nielsen NetView), smart employers are utilizing blogs in their talent acquisition efforts.  employment_law_seminars

But feeding the talent pipeline online can result in costly litigation if a job applicant claims you’ve invaded her privacy.

Learn how to reap the benefits of online recruiting while minimizing legal risks by participating in the interactive audio conference, 2009 Recruiting: Feed Your Talent Pipeline Using Twitter, Facebook, and Other Social Media. In just 90 minutes, you’ll get straight answers to such questions as:

  • Is Twitter the best place to find job applicants who “live” online? What’s the best way to use Twitter for effective recruiting?
  • How can I use corporate branding on the Internet to attract potential job candidates?
  • How can I use Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn® to get our branding messages out more quickly?
  • What’s the best way to use Twitter to build a “following” among active and passive job candidates?
  • What are the potential legal issues that could arise when using Twitter? How can I avoid posting “tweets” that could be construed as harassing or discriminatory?
  • What type of information should I avoid on social networking sites when searching for talent?
  • How do I handle information found online that I would NEVER ask about in an interview?
  • How can I use a wiki without incurring legal trouble, such as releasing sensitive company and/or employee information?
  • What are the legal risks if one of my employees posts content on a company-run blog or social networking site?
  • What action should I take if employees post our company logo on their private social networking sites for blogs?
  • How can my organization protect itself from potential litigation surrounding employee usage of social media tools?
  • How far can I go when keeping tabs on an employee’s blogs, instant messages, and social networking sites?

I’ll be presenting this audio conference on January 12, 2009. To register, visit the H.R. Hero website.

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  1. The Wall Street Journal wrote an article about some technologies replacing recruiters and helping source and weed through resumes…none of those were social. Article here:


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