You Think I’m Annoying? Whatever!

If the word “whatever” is an expression in your vocabulary, you may want to reconsider. Or continue to use it and risk being the office pest. Nearly 50% of respondents in a recent poll reported that “Whatever,” when used as an expression of exasperation, is the single most annoying word used in conversation.  The phrase, “you know,” was reported by roughly 25% of respondents as being, like, totally annoying, you know? clay smiley face

Almost one year ago, we reported on the top 10 most irritating phrases that drove office mates crazy.  At the top of the list was “At the end of the day.”  Apparently, the annoying factor has been lessened since then because, although the phrase made this poll, it was ranked as most annoying by just 7% of respondents.

The lesson to be learned?  At the end of the day, just try to be aware of the little things that you can do to avoid making your coworkers lose their cool or whatever, you know?


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