What Employers Don’t Want to See When They Search Your Online Profile

45% of employers now report to using social media to screen job candidates, according to a survey of more than 2,000 HR professionals commissioned by CareerBuilder.com.  11% reported that they expected to incorporate online tactics in their hiring practices in the next year. 

35% of those currently using social media reported that they’d rejected a candidate based on what they’d found in their online search.  And what exactly is it that turns off employers and causes them to reject a candidate?  Here’s what the biggest “no-nos” are, with the percent of employers who reported having turned a candidate based on each:

  • 53% provocative pictures or info
  • 44% drinking or drugs
  • 35% bad-mouthed previous employers, co-workers, or clients
  • 29% showed poor communication skills
  • 26% made discriminatory comments
  • 24% lied about qualifications
  • 20% shared confidential information from previous employer
  • 14% sent a message using an emoticon such as a smiley face
  • 16% used text language such as “GR8”

Employers who are performing or who are considering performing online searches of potential employees should review these items as possible criteria.  Which of these items should be considered?  Which are not relevant?  These are two questions employers should answer before engaging in their Internet searches.

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