USCIS Publishes E-Verify Supplemental Handbook For Federal Contractors

user_manualYesterday, September 8, 2009, was the official start date for the mandatory E-Verify program for federal contractors and subcontractors. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has just created and published a Supplemental Guide for Federal Contractors to explain the new requirements.


The Guide provides background information, describes the E-Verify program, and provides fairly detailed information about compliance, including timelines and charts. It is user friendly and I recommend that all employers with federal contracts or subcontracts read it to find out whether they are subject to the new rule, and if so, to learn the basics about how to comply. Federal contractors and subcontractors who are subject to the rule but who do not comply risk loss of current contracts and debarment (loss of their ability to obtain future federal contracts and subcontracts).

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