New Statistics on Employers Using Social Media to Research Applicants

CareerBuilder’s most recent survey has interesting statistics on the number of employers who report that they currently use social-media sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, to research potential job candidates. 22% reported that they used social media in the 2008 survey, which more than doubled this year, up to 45%.  An additional 11% reported that they planned to start using social media as a background check tool.  That would push the number far past the half-way mark. 

Here’s a quick visual.

Last year . .  .


And, this year. . .


I think that the increase is inevitable–employers will continue to utilize these sites for their recruiting and hiring processes more and more as more and more HR and recruiting professionals become accustomed to using the sites.


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One thought on “New Statistics on Employers Using Social Media to Research Applicants

  1. conducted a study on 267 Americans that found a vast majority of Americans (87%) reported that they currently use a social networking site. Facebook ranks at the top of the list, with 74% of respondents indicating that they are currently signed up for the site. Less than half of Americans (42%) indicated that they use MySpace, compared to one-third (34%) who reported that they use Twitter and 15% who reported using LinkedIn. More in depth results can be seen at:


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