What’s the Shelf Life of a Legal Blog?

There is much hype about the power of social media. A quick search of the Internet will generate countless links to countless websites where self-named social-media gurus profess the benefits of engaging in various Web 2.0 media, such as blogs and microblogs like Twitter.  Building business, getting referrals, finding new clients, and getting positive publicity are all possibilities, so they say. metaphor blog

But an article on ABA Journal questions the value of legal blogs at all.  One blogger conducted an “unscientific survey” and concluded that legal blogs are very short lived.  Several of the blogs he reviewed had stopped posting after just a few months. Why the sudden death for so many of my potential blogging peers?  Too much work, too little return, says the article.

One thought on “What’s the Shelf Life of a Legal Blog?

  1. Being a representative of a law firm, reading an article and blogging and commenting on legal issues has always proved to be useful. To some extent, information given on such blogs and the comments and articles has benefited the victims facing complexities in term of legal issues and helps us also update our knowledge of what is happening around and what all complexities we should expect from our future cases.. It provides a great platform to discuss experiences and share knowledge.


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