Have You Thanked Your Team Members Today?

thank_you_3dI recently read The Carrot Principle, an absolutely fantastic book about motivating employees through reward and recognition. It was such an incredible book that I immediately bought five more copies, which I sent to some of my clients who are particularly in tune with the wonders of an engaged workforce.  The recently published second edition of The Carrot Principle includes a wealth of research that supports what I know to be true:  Happy employees are the key to a successful organization.  And happy employees are those who receive consistent recognition for the work they do.

If you are a manager who is worried that recognition will create an “entitled” workforce, whose demands increase the more recognition they receive, read this book. Your worries will be disproved.

If you are a manager who does not have a formal system for recognizing and rewarding your direct reports but you fundamentally believe that recognition is valuable, read this book.  You will learn why you need a real system to ensure recognition is done effectively.

If you are a manager who already has a formal system in place for recognition and reward, buy this book and send it to your manager, the President, or CEO of your organization.  Help them learn why recognition must be in place throughout the company.

And, if you’re not a manager, read this book. Everyone can make a difference by showing gratitude to others every day. Gratitude is a grass-roots movement and it takes just one person to start an engagement revolution.