Survey Says: It’s Not Easy Being Green In This Economy

3d_man_goes_greenThe Society of Human Resources (“SHRM”), has released a new poll which surveyed 368 HR professionals about the green initiatives at their workplaces. The poll reveals that. by far, the cost is the greatest barrier to starting and maintaining a green program. Ninety percent of those polled said that cost was a barrier to establishing a program, while 84% said that cost was a barrier to keeping a program going.

The poll also found that the following elements were most likely to be included in a green initiative:

· A recycling program for office products (88%)

· Encouraging employees to be more environmentally friendly by encouraging double-sided copies, lowering blinds, etc. (84%)

· Using energy efficient equipment and lighting systems (73%)

The poll next asked about the major reasons or drivers for going green. The top reasons given were:

· Contributions to society (64%)

· Environmental considerations (55%)

· Economic considerations (53%)

The poll also explored how companies demonstrated their commitment to going green. The top 2 reasons were:

· Including the efforts in company newsletters and publications (74%); and

· Making environmental responsibility a stated goal of the company (45%).

Finally, the Poll sought to measure the perceived benefits of going green at work. Those surveyed gave the following as the most likely:

· Improved employee morale (46%); and

· Stronger public image (41%).

A PDF version of the PowerPoint slides are linked here: