Corporate Tweeting Made Easy*

Employers can now efficiently use Twitter to interact with consumers and manage the branding of their companies. Large businesses like Starbucks, JetBlue and Whole Foods are already using CoTweet.

CoTweet is a platform where companies can easily manage several Twitter accounts from a single user login. With its unique features, employers can simultaneously accomplish two goals: keeping employees engaged and responding to customers’ questions and concerns.Twitter_logo.jpeg

CoTweet enables employers to give account access to multiple employees, who then can write on behalf of the company. Employees can indicate to other account members when they are “on-duty” and will receive email alerts when they need to take action on a Twitter account that they are responsible for. While multiple employees can post to one account, they can monitor actions in all accounts at real-time, and thus, prevent duplicate or conflicting actions.

In addition to responding faster to consumer concerns, companies create a more personal appeal. Each employee is identified with a “CoTag,” which, like an email signature, automatically appends to his/her posts. Another marketing perk is “Tweet Scheduling,” which allows companies to post entries at a scheduled time in the future—a useful tool when releasing new products or promotions.

CoTweet is a new easy way for companies to use social networks as a business venue.

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*This post was written by guest blogger, Felicia Yen.  Felicia is a 2L at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.  She is one of the amazing students participating in this year’s summer-associate program at Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP. Thanks for your hard work, Felicia!

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