Firm Defines “Business Casual” (a/k/a the “Nobody Wants to See Your Chest Hair” Memo)

dress-for-successWomen’s attire has been a hot topic here this week.  (See Pantsuit I and Pantsuit II). And the subject of dress codes is only getting started–it is, after all, the start of the summer.  One law firm has taken the bull by the horns.  Curtis Mallet issued a memo to associates providing some very specific instructions on what the firm considers to be appropriate summer attire. According to law-firm-tabloid blog, Above the Law, the memo was not well received by associates. 

Oh, boo hiss to them.

The memo is hilarious.  It’s to the point and it leaves little room for doubt.  I think it’s a model for excellence in the dress code category!!  Visit Above the Law for the full memo but here’s a few highlights in the meantime:

By all means resist the urge to acquaint us with your chest hair. If you think it necessary to impress the ladies with your efforts at the gym over the winter, think again – we are not a particularly good demographic for that.

For the ladies, the situation is a bit more complicated, pitfalls abound and I need to be circumspect. In brief, save it for the clubs or the beach.

So, to the haters out there, I say this:  The memo is right, we don’t want to see your chest hair!

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