So You Thought You Understood the Final FMLA Regs?

When the FMLA final regulations were promulgated in January, employers (and their lawyers) around the country got to work.  We poured over the two hundred pages of tiny print, deciphering the requirements and determining what had and had not changed.  It was a lot to review and it’s a lot to understand.  I’ve taught something around 15 seminars on the new regs since they were published and I still need to reference the regulations when presented with unusual questions or factual scenarios.

So I know it can’t be easy for employers to manage the complex ins and outs of the new law.  Well, don’t get too comfortable with the regulations–more change may be on its way.

Last month, a new bill was introduced (H.R. 2161), which, according to its sponsor, is intended to “restore the [FMLA] to its original intent and spirit.”  The bill, To Nullify Certain Regulations Promulgated Under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 and Restore Prior Regulations and Direct the Secretary of Labor to Revise Certain Regulations Under that Act, would repeal some sections of the regs and modify others.  For a comprehensive review of the most important changes, jump over to The FMLA Blog.

But, for those who are more interested in the summary, here it is:  the bill would be bad for employers. The bill would eliminate the (few) changes in the latest regs that are favorable to employers.

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