Rude Employees Are Bad for Business

Rude people are bad for business.  Employees who are mean, spiteful, or downright rude are actually harmful to their employer’s bottom line. Although it may seem like an obvious conclusion, recent research now proves that this is true. The study, “Overlooked but not untouched:  How rudeness reduces onlookers’ performance on routine and creative tasks,” was reported in the May issue of Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.  The researches concluded that “[s]eeing one person be rude to another can stunt a person’s creativity, impair their mental performance and make them less likely to be civil themselves. “Mr. Rude by Roger Hargreaves

[via Deliberations] Just one more reason to eradicate jerks at work.  To learn    more about the dangers of jerks at work, check out these earlier posts:

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