My Top 5 of the 60 Sites in 60 Minutes from the ABA TechShow

A perennial favorite at the ABA TechShow is a one-hour segment titled, 60 Sites in 60 Minutes.  During the presentation, the speakers present 60 of the latest and greatest sites on the Internet.  There are sites dedicated to improving your legal practice and your productivity in general.  There are also some wacky websites that fit into the “just-for-fun” category. Despite the name, there are over 100 websites listed on the ABA Techshow’s site.  The list included some of  my favorite sites that I use regularly.  Here are a few:

Staying Up to Date

1.  To keep tabs on all the best legal blogs, nothing beats Alltop (Law)Alltop has blog listings for nearly every topic under the sun, including topics of interest to employers, from Careers, to eLearning, to HR, to Corporate Responsibility, to Electronic Discovery.

2.  TechnoLawyer BlawgWorld Newsletter ( is my favorite e-newsletter for keeping up to date with everything technology-related relevant to legal practice.

 Technology Tools

1.  File Genius ( enables users to transfer large files securely.

2.  SlideShare ( is an invaluable tool for anyone who presents to an audience.  For free, you can upload and share your PowerPoint presentations and Word documents and then share them, either by invite, or with the world at large.  Add audio and you’ve got an instant webinar.  It’s also a great resource for inspiration when you’ve got presenters-block.

Marketing With Ease

Constant Contact ( is an easy-to-use, subscription-based, e-mail marketing program.

Because Nothing Beats a Little Competition

Typeracer ( allows you to “race” online opponents in a battle of the keyboards.  A word of warning, typing as fast as you can type may be a little addictive for those with a competitive spirit. I raced three times and, each time, finished at 73 wpm.  Although I was pretty happy with the score, it’s paltry when compared to some of the fastest keyists, who can type more than 160 wpm!

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