TGIF: Mondays Are Easy, It’s Tuesdays that Should Worry You

Fridays are great. Who doesn’t love knowing that it’s the last day of the workweek?  It’s just that much easier making it through the workday knowing that there only 8 little hours stand between you and a weekend of freedom.  TGIF. beach_reading

Similarly, we can unanimously agree on our disdain for Mondays, right?  Maybe not, says a British researcher.  It’s not Mondays that make us cringe but, instead, Tuesday mornings when we’re at our worst.  Not just any time on Tuesday morning, either.  It’s 11:45 a.m. Tuesday morning, that has us wishing we’d never gotten out of bed. Just before noon on Tuesdays is when we hit the panic button and go into high-stress mode.

How can this be? Well, according to Graham Waters, whose firm conducted the study, Mondays are so bad that we just coast through the day–not yet prepared to face the workload that awaits us. But this subconscious denial strategy is self defeating. By coasting through Monday, we return to the office on Tuesday only to realize that more work than we’d realized has built up since we mentally checked out on Friday.  When that realization strikes, we go into a panic, working through lunch to compensate for the time missed.

Oh, it’s a cruel, cruel cycle.  [via Unclutterer]

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