Information for Employers on the Swine Flu

Delaware has four confirmed cases of swine flu. Employers who operate near the University of Delaware, where the cases were reported, may get questions from concerned employees.  Even employers who do not operate in or around the Newark campus may see the wisdom in being proactive in helping their employees take measures to avoid the swine flu. The go-to web site for employers is, which provides the latest information from the U.S. government about the disease, where it has been reported, and how to plan and prepare.  image

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), issued a Swine Flu fact sheet directed towards parents and caregivers.  The fact sheet is a great starting point for reliable information that can be provided to employees about the swine flu.  The CDC has other helpful resources, as well, including a printable poster on Stopping the Spread of Germs at Work.  JAN, the Job Accommodation Network, also has published a fact sheet on the swine flu.  This one is designed to assist employers in considering the needs of disabilities during a pandemic flu outbreak. 

Employers may consider posting or circulating the fact sheets to employees and/or management in an effort to prepare for a possible pandemic. 

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