Delaware Senator Carper & the EFCA

Delaware Senator Tom Carper (D) supports the rights of employees to freely unionize without retribution by their employer.  So it’s not surprising that Carper was one of 40 co-sponsors of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA).  What may be surprising to some employers, both in and out of the First State, is Carper’s reservations about the secret-ballot provision of the proposed bill.  He has stated that card-check elections “are not a reliable way to determine the true wishes of the employees in a workplace truly want to be represented by a union.”  EFCA7

But don’t let his reservations lead you to believe that he still won’t support EFCA with his vote.  Carper is a co-sponsor, after all.  And he thinks the issue is a critical one to American workers.  At the very least, Senator Carper believes that EFCA deserves to come to the floor of the Senate for debate.

For more on the EFCA and its potential impact on employers in Delaware and across the country, be sure to register for our annual Employment Law Seminar, scheduled for April 29, 2009, when employment-law attorneys Barry M. Willoughby, Sheldon N. Sandler, and William W. Bowser, will host a panel discussion of the most important aspects of the bill.  You can also read more about EFCA in these prior posts:

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