Facebook and YouTube Make Employees More Productive. Really??

Employees who surf the web at work are more productive, according to a new survey.  Workers who use the Internet for personal reasons during working time are 9% more productive, says the study’s author.  A new catchphrase has even been coined.  “Workplace Internet leisure browsing” is no longer known as “slacking.”  Now it’s being called “WILB.”  And it’s claimed to sharpen employees’ concentration.  image

Notably, the study was conducted on workers that spent 20% or less of their working time on the Internet, though, which makes a big difference.  If you’re only on the web for a fraction of your working day, then you’re not faced with the temptation after you’ve satisfied your craving for some WILB.  But, for those of us who spend the whole day staring at the computer screen, I think the temptation is much stronger–once you’ve jumped online for a little “leisure browsing” to limit the time spent surfing.  

More productive or not, though, employees are getting their Facebook fix whether their employers like it or not.  The study reports that 70% of workers take a leisurely stroll down the information superhighway on a regular basis.  So, are they more productive because of their web habits?  Sorry, I just don’t buy it. 

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