MySpace Post Results in Termination of Nursing Student

The termination of employees as a result of Facebook posts is not new. Just last week, I posted about the pushback against the Eagles football franchise resulting from its decision to terminate a fan-employee for his Facebook post slamming the team’s termination of fan-favorite, long-time player, Brian Dawkins.  The phenomenon is not limited to employees, either.  We’ve seen teacher-in-training, Stacy snyder, file suit against Millersville University after it refused to grant her a teaching certificate due to her, now infamous, “Drunken Pirate” post on Facebookfacebook logo

There’s now another student-dismissal story–this one the result of the student’s MySpace page.  The University of Louisville nursing student was expelled from the school via a dismissal letter that cited her MySpace postings about “patient activities and identities.”  Disclosure of confidential patient information, said the letter, violates the nursing school’s code of conduct. 

But the student, Nina Yoder, denies the violation.  Instead, she claims, she was dismissed from the program because school officials believed she was carrying a gun. When she was called in for the meeting, she was patted down by two campus security guards.  She was unarmed and claims that she’s never brought a weapon to school.

But on her MySpace page, Yoder defends her right to bear arms–Yoder was a paramedic in the U.S. Army prior to enrolling in the nursing program.  According to the Courier Journal, the page also includes Yoder’s “caustic and profane observations on race, sex, and religion, including diatribes against Blacks and Christians.”  Yoder has filed suit alleging that her MySpace postings, which, she claims, are protected by the First Amendment, were the real reason for her expulsion. 

[Hat Tip to First Am. Law Profs]

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One thought on “MySpace Post Results in Termination of Nursing Student

  1. I still can’t understand what reasons did the university have for expelling her? Couldn’t they have just given her a verbal warning? Was anything in the policy book regarding if this sort of behavior, what would happen? What ever happened to giving the student guidance. You guided her right out the front door? No trial? What ever happened to open communication? You didn’t even allow her to follow through your own bylaws?


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