Should Gen Y Abandon Any Hope for Work-Life Balance?

Will work-life balance survive the current economy? Or will employees abandon the idea in an attempt to protect themselves from layoffs and other job cuts?  In a recent post, Adria B. Martinelli recently asked whether work-life balance issues are at risk in the current economyshutterstock_5022628

And she’s not alone. The ABA Journal recently reported that associates have dumped the idea of a “work-life balance” and are, instead, billing hours like crazy in an attempt to survive any upcoming cutbacks.

Others, however, think that the whole “work-life thing” should be abandoned in the name of self-preservation, especially when it comes to Gen Y workers.  Instead, says Jake on Jobs, 20-somethings should not worry about work-life balance–that will come in due time.  What they should do is “work their butts off until they find a job that doesn’t feel like work.”

It’s a difficult question, really.  On the one hand, I do agree with Adria’s points.  Time is an invaluable commodity that can’t be bought back with money.  On the other hand, though, being home with family as a result of an unanticipated period of unemployment is not my idea of “quality time,” either. 


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