March 11: 2009 Recruiting: Feed Your Talent Pipeline Using Online Resources

3d_image_of_computer_mouseRecruiting with Google, Facebook, and other social media is the topic of an audioconference I’ll be presenting next month.  As readers know, I’m a realist who believes in risk management.  Ideally, would employers need to look for candidates’ information online?  No.  In an ideal world, candidates would be forthcoming and honest and would truthfully disclose the information employers need to know.  But we’re not living in a box of Cracker Jack.  The world is not that sweet. 

The reality is that savvy employers will make use of the internet recruiting and other HR functions.  But, as a risk-conscious advisor, I know that there is a right way and a wrong way to use the web in the hiring process.  Employers should proceed with caution when surfing the web for potential job applicants.

Anyone can create content and post it online, which means you could hire someone based on false information. And if you decide not to hire the applicant, the information you found on the Internet could be used against your organization to support a discrimination claim.

In the upcoming audioconference, I’ll discuss how to use social networking sites to find top talent while avoiding legal entanglements.  Specifically, I’ll address questions I’m asked by clients, including:

  • How can I find job applicants who “live” online? What’s the best way to use microblogs like Twitter?
  • How do I handle information found online that I would NEVER ask about in an interview?
  • How can I avoid inadvertently violating the Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other consumer privacy statutes?
  • How can I use wikis — a virtual workplace housed on a company’s intranet — to energize project collaboration and implement an effective work-life balance program?
  • How can company-wide social networking sites and online videos engage employees and help them work smarter?
  • How far can I go when keeping tabs on an employee’s blogs, instant messages, and social networking sites?

The audioconference is sponsored by M. Lee Smith Publishers and registration is available through their website or via telephone, details below.  The date and time is Wednesday, March 11, 2009, from 11 am to 12:30 pm, Eastern, and 1.5 HRCI recertification credit hours have been approved.


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