March 26: FMLA Regs: What Employers Need to Know

In January, employers were hit with brand-new updates to the Family and Medical Leave Act.  If you’re worried that you may not be in compliance, this audioconference is for you.

These new leave rules – which ran a mind-numbing 762 pages in the Federal Register – make sweeping changes to the way you handle many common FMLA situations:

  • Deciding what constitutes a “serious health condition”
  • Scheduling (and accounting for) intermittent leave
  • Requesting and confirming medical certifications and fitness-for-duty certifications
  • Allowing employees to substitute sick leave, vacation days, and other paid time off for FMLA leave
  • Handling questions about gaps in service
  • Providing sufficient FMLA notice to your employees – and enforcing your policies that require workers to give you notice when they’re taking time off for FMLA reasons
  • Dealing with absences related to the brand-new FMLA military caregiver rules

Join us for an in-depth audio conference on what you need to know now.

Learning Objectives:

  • What’s changed with FMLA rules, and what you need to do in response
  • The new rules on medical certifications and doctor visits for employees with chronic medical conditions
  • How to interpret and apply both the new and previously released changes that apply to military families
  • When, under the new rules, you’re allowed to ask for a fitness-for-duty evaluation
  • The new restrictions on your supervisors, which were designed to enhance employee privacy
  • What the new changes mean for your perfect attendance programs
  • What you can do – and what you should never do – when reviewing and investigating potential FMLA abuses by your workers
  • The changes to the notice requirements – and why they’re considered good news for employers
  • The most common mistakes many employers have already made with these brand-new FMLA regs (and how you can avoid repeating them!)

The audio conference is scheduled for March 26, 2009, from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Eastern.   Registration, which you can do here, is $216 for unlimited attendees on a single phone line.