Trainees as Trainers: In Support of Involving Employees In Their Own Training

I’ve posted several times before on the link between employee engagement and workplace training and development.   I believe there is a direct correlation between job satisfaction and the amount of regular, interactive, and applicable training employees are given.  And, the better and more relevant the training, the better and more engaged the employees.  Well-executed training in the right subject matter is key to retaining key employees.  It’s also essential to attracting and satisfying Gen Y employeesclassroom

I also believe that one of the best ways to encourage and engage the best of your best employees is to let them train themselves.  Or train each other, really.  By getting employees to participate in the selection of the topic and the presentation of the subject matter to their co-workers, a great deal can be gained.  (See my previous post on this very issue, Training as an Employee Perk? Yes, really).

Training Time pointed me to a post by Jim Giuliano at HR Morning, which reaches the same brilliant conclusion.  Here’s the story as summarized by Training Time:

  • During the recruiting process, people are told that the company is dedicated to continual learning and development, using training to reach career goals.
  • Supervisors and HR don’t have enough time to come up with new training ideas relevant to the goals of the employee and company.
  • The company can’t afford to hire a professional training coordinator.

What to do?  HR Training recommends turning employees into their own training coordinators.  I’d add to that: turn employees into trainers, too.  And I’d venture to say that you’ve got a winning workplace.

2 thoughts on “Trainees as Trainers: In Support of Involving Employees In Their Own Training

  1. I’m definitely in favor of this, but like everything… “it depends”. In my company we need people who are self-driven and naturally curious. I find these types of people learn best when teaching themselves rather than listening to someone else. The fact that it saves management time is merely a bonus.


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