Writing References #2: 20 Online Dictionaries

When I posted my estimates for the Top 5 Workplace Resolutions for the New Year, I failed to mention my year-round resolution to work to improve my writing.  It’s a skill everyone needs and, as we become more dependent on e-mail, Twitter, and text messages, it’s a skill that’s easy to forget about.  So, to make sure I don’t forget to work on my writing, I turn to a bunch of resources for help.  And, because I’m a big fan of sharing, I’m sharing those resources with our readers.  In the first of three posts in this series, I wrote about my 10 favorite writing blogs that take a funny perspective on proper language skills.  pencils

In this second post in the series, I share 20 Online Dictionaries that you may find useful sometime.  You never know when you’ll need to look up a phrase spoken to you in Philly slang.  In the third post in the series, I’ll get back to the serious stuff with 30 of the best blogs about writing.  Until then, enjoy!

  1. A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms
  2. American Heritage Dictionary
  3. American Sign Language Dictionary
  4. Astronomy and Space Dictionary
  5. Building and General Construction Technology Dictionary
  6. Cut-the-Knot Glossary of Mathematical Terms
  7. Dictionary of American Regional English
  8. Dictionary of Sanskrit Terms
  9. Encyclopedia of Law and Economics
  10. FOLDOC  Computing Dictionary
  11. Glossary of Applied Linguistics
  12. Glossary of Managed Care Terms
  13. Lectric Law Library’s Legal Dictionary
  14. Mobspeak Glossary
  15. NetLingo The Internet Dictionary
  16. One Look – includes reverse lookup
  17. Online Etymology Dictionary
  18. Oxford English Dictionary News
  19. Philly Tawk
  20. RhymeZone
  21. Street Drug Slang Dictionary
  22. Sushi Glossary
  23. The Phrontistery, Online Dictionary of Uncommon and Unusual Words
  24. Yiddish dictionary
  25. Your Dictionary

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