Why Don’t Employers Care About Employees’ Internet Usage?

Employers don’t care that their employees browse the internet all day long.  They don’t care that employees do their holiday shopping online from the comfort of their offices.  Employers don’t care that employees’ internet usage exposes their companies to substantial security risks.  I’m convinced–they just don’t care. 

Most employers do not have any rules about online shopping during working time.  And, of those employers who do have some sort of web policy that limits employee use, just a few have a program in place to monitor online activities. 

Millennials are the most likely group of employees to put their companies at risk over the holiday season.  An estimated 4 out of 10 U.S. workers aged 18-24 will spend up to five hours shopping online–on their work computers–this holiday season, according to the Shopping On the Job surveyMy Computer

That’s more than half a working day!  

Not only are Gen Y employees the most likely to browse the web for that hard-to-find gift but they are also the least worried about the vulnerability of their work computers.  Millennials tend to be less concerned about safe web browsing when compared to their older colleagues. 

Despite the many voices of concern that online activity will have a negative impact on productivity and will expose the company’s internal network to serious security risk, there doesn’t seem to be much to prevent it. 

Is this because employers really don’t understand the amount of potential loss?  Or do they not realize that, without a proactive procedure in place to deal with this risk, employees are not likely to change their habits?  Or maybe employers don’t know what types of procedures to implement as a way to combat the potential losses associated with employees’ online use during the holiday season. 

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